We are convinced that greater solidarity also comes from a better understanding of the major social issues we face today.

Yet, the sectors of international solidarity, philanthropy and development are still not sufficiently accessible or transparent, and remain less attractive to a new generation of changemakers.  

Fake news, infobesity and sensationalism aggravate this lack of transparency and restrict our access to enlightened information on issues as fundamental and universal as health, education and gender equality.

More importantly, this information crisis we are going through is pushing us to focus mostly on what is going wrong in the world but not enough on the positive solutions and projects developed by people committed to addressing these issues. Yet, they exist. 

That is why we created Azickia, in order to play our part in finding answers to these big questions. We are a new actor, more open, more modern and more positive, at the crossroads of philanthropy and the concept of solutions journalism. Our foundation offers various opportunities for involvement thanks to a more comprehensive and transparent approach of philanthropy: you can choose to make a donation, write a solutions article to contribute to our magazine, learn about health, education and gender equality, be part of our “coup de coeur” projects or receive financial support. It’s up to you to choose how to act!

“By making our light shine, we offer others the opportunity to do the same” — Nelson Mandela

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azickia foundation

Azickia was originally set up as a foundation – or « Fonds de dotation » in France – to provide financial and human support for social innovation projects, both in France and worldwide. Azickia is initially a family endowment fund, created by three sisters with very different but complementary backgrounds in the fields of law, health and social entrepreneurship. Our backgrounds also explain our choice to focus on these three key subjects: access to good health and well-being, access to quality education and gender equality. Our business model is mainly based on the sustainable management of a family endowment. Donations from companies and individuals complement the budget dedicated to project funding and are 100% donated to the project chosen by the donor. 

Our mission: support social innovation projects and help them increase their impact to contribute to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

Azickia stories

Azickia Stories is our solutions magazine. In line with the three major issues we support through our foundation – #health #education #genderequality – we publish inspirational stories based on the concept of Solutions Journalism. Our ambition is to provide an alternative to already existing content on these topics, through a more positive and accessible scope. More generally, we aim at promoting a better understanding of the international solidarity sector to encourage people to develop an informed opinion and work together towards a better world, where tolerance and equality become the norm. 

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Our mission : contribute to making our world’s biggest social issues – and their answers – accessible to all to strenghten tolerance, overcome prejudices and foster social engagement.

our Team

Célia, Karen & Anaelle

Co-founders &
Board members

Anaelle Azoulay

Co-founder & President

marie ollivier

Writer -
Azickia Stories


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azickia stories

camille studer

writer -
azickia stories

Charlène Salomé

writer -
azickia stories

Rémi lévêque

writer -
azickia stories

Manon Philippe

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azickia stories

Our Values


The philanthropy and international solidarity sectors are sometimes criticized for their lack of transparency. We are committed to ensure transparency and rigor throughout our actions, by supporting projects carried out by people sharing our core values and by providing impact and financial reporting as well as high-quality editorial content.


Non-discrimination, openness and tolerance towards others are at the heart of our concerns and mission. We strive to bring this value to life and to ensure that it is reflected in all of our actions.


Our mission is to support non-profit organisations to help amplify their impact and achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We are committed to trying to measure our impact to the best of our abilities to improve and optimize our donations, and maximize our own social impact.



To meet these goals of transparency and social impact, we rely on a modern and innovative approach to donation and impact funding that allows us to adapt to our donors’ needs and to easily provide editorial content and key information through our website, thus encouraging commitment and trust.




All our actions are inspired by a positive vision of the solutions and initiatives that exist today, carried out by committed people who want to improve the world we live in. We select projects that enable their beneficiaries to become autonomous, without reinforcing a pattern of dependency. We make sure that our Stories also reflect these values and this key concept of “Empowerment”.

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