We are convinced that greater solidarity will also come from a better understanding of the world’s biggest challenges.

Yet, development, and philanthropy sectors remain opaque, often based on archaic models and therefore unattractive for new generations of change-makers.

Fake news and media sensationalism also play a major role in exacerbating this lack of transparency, restricting our access to enlightened information on issues as important as education, gender equality and many others.

More importantly, this information crisis forces us to constantly focus on what is going wrong in the world. It is preventing us from seeing the global picture, including all the positive initiatives and solutions imagined by people working everyday to tackle these big issues. And yet, they exist and we should hear more about them.

That is why we have created Azickia: a new international development and solidarity actor, more open and more positive, situated at the crossroads of philanthropy and the concept of solutions journalism.

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What we do

Azickia foundation

Azickia was set up as an endowment fund to financially support social impact and innovation projects in countries with the most urgent needs with a specific focus on access to education, gender equality and health.

Our mission : 

Support social innovation projects to increase their positive impact and contribute to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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Azickia Stories

Azickia Stories is our solutions magazine. We produce new stories and curate the best of international development and solidarity articles, always addressed from a factual solutions journalism perspective. The stories we highlight encourage an alternative and positive vision of international development and the initiatives that exist today to actually make a difference in the world.

Our mission : 

Contribute to spreading a more positive way of understanding some of the world’s biggest social issues, to deconstruct persistent prejudices and stereotypes and strengthen social commitment.

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