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Are you carrying a project with a strong social impact and are looking for financial support?  

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Our next Call for projects will start in early 2023

picto fr equalite entre les sexes

Gender equality

picto fr bonne santé et bien être

Good health & well-being

picto fr education de qualité

Quality education

  • We select projects that have an impact on one or more of our three main areas of action – health, education, gender equality – in order to meet and contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 
  • To be eligible, your project must be in the field of international solidarity and/or social entrepreneurship, carried out by an NGO, local or international non-profit organisation. 
  • Your activities and impacts can take place outside the European Union. However, the head office of your organisation must be located in an EU Member State.
  • We do not accept projects with a political/religious affiliation. Your project must respect our values and our Code of ethics 
  • Your project should already be up and running, with an initial proof of concept and impact if possible.
  • Your project must be part of a long-term approach. We may support the same project over several years, which implies that we cannot support projects that only take place over a given period of time.

Social innovation is at the heart of our mission :  

“Social innovation is the development of new responses to new or poorly met social needs under current market and social policy conditions, involving the participation and cooperation of stakeholders, including users and users. These innovations concern both the product or service and the way in which it is organised and distributed, in areas such as ageing, early childhood, housing, health, the fight against poverty, exclusion and discrimination”.

We use this definition of social innovation as a basis for selecting our projects. Your project must respond to a social problem with a sustainable, innovative solution in the sense of the above definition, with a long-term impact aiming at the empowerment of beneficiaries. Development, empowerment of people and sustainable reduction of inequalities and poverty must be at the heart of your mission.

  • The impact of the project, its replicability and the possibilities for measuring and evaluating long-term impact

  • Alignment of your project with our values 

  • Monitoring and reporting possibilities 

  • The originality, in terms of social innovation, of the approach used by the project 

  • The importance given to the concept and vision of empowerment 

  • The financial ratio between your need for funding and our grants. It is important for us to keep our grants within a coherent budget logic in order to ensure the financial impact of our donation on the progress and impact of the projects we select.

ℹ️   Each of the selected projects is then posted online on our website and on our Projects page.

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Our mission is also to bring diverse and engaged voices together to develop solutions journalism. That is why we are always excited to welcome new talents! 

If you love to write and have an idea for a story, we would love to hear more about your passion, your background and how we could work together to develop Azickia Stories! 

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Find out more here about the projects we have selected, their social mission and impact. 

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