Azickia is a foundation and an alternative solutions media aiming at reducing social inequalities and supporting social impact initiatives around the world. Our ambition is to help spread a new, more modern and more positive way of understanding international development and solidarity.

Azickia foundation

We are an innovative non-profit organization that supports social impact projects in countries with the most urgent needs. We are focused on three main issues: health, education and gender equality.

Azickia Stories

Discover a new way of learning about the most pressing social issues around the world, placing existing positive solutions and social impact back at the heart of information.

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Azickia Stories

Discover the best of solutions journalism

Azickia Stories is an alternative way of presenting and understanding the biggest social issues of our time. We curate the best of solutions journalism articles, discussing the problem but more importantly highlighting the positive solutions created by those who tackle them.

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You can apply for financing, pitch us a story or just get in touch to learn more about us

If you’re interested in writing for Azickia Stories and have an idea of solutions article, or if you’re carrying a social impact project that needs financing, you can learn more here on how to join our community !

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