Code of Ethics

The purpose of this charter is to establish the values and principles that guide the actions of AZICKIA Social impact fund and its magazine ILA, and to inform third parties, donors and partners.


Azickia is a social impact fund and magazine with a mission to encourage greater tolerance and openness to the world and to support access to better living conditions and opportunities for all. Our two main areas of action are the funding of social impact projects in France and around the world and the publication of articles via our magazine ILA, edited by AZICKIA.

actions and resources used

Through our fund and our calls for projects, we financially support non-profit organizations in France and in other countries around the world to help them increase their positive social impact and contribute to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Each project is carefully selected and responds to a social issue with a sustainable solution and long-term impact. We support projects on a human scale that are committed to various themes – health, education, culture, women’s emancipation, etc. – with human beings, empowerment and the improvement of the quality of life and living conditions for everyone at the heart of their mission.

Our magazine, ILA, is edited by AZICKIA and publishes long-form, multicultural and inspiring content on various social issues. Based on the principles of slow and constructive journalism, we focus on quality content by taking a step back from the news to fight against infobesity and the overflow of negative information. Our articles are part of an editorial approach that is open to the world, innovative and accessible. They are written by journalists, contributors and experts who wish to share their knowledge and experience on the subjects and issues we highlight.

our values

Transparency & quality

AZICKIA is committed to ensuring transparency and rigour in its actions, by supporting projects with a strong social impact carried out by people and organisations with shared values, and by offering reporting and high-quality editorial content. As far as our editing and publishing activities are concerned, we are committed to giving priority to the journalistic quality of the content over quantity and to carrying out proofreading and fact-checking work for all our published articles.


Non-discrimination, open-mindedness and tolerance towards others are at the heart of our concerns and our mission. AZICKIA strives to make this value a reality and to imbue all its actions with it, both through the articles written on ILA Magazine and in the projects selected for funding.


Our mission is to financially support non-profit organisations with the aim of contributing to their social, environmental and societal impact. AZICKIA is committed to monitoring this impact to improve and optimise its donations and maximise its own social impact. We also offer readers and our entire community the opportunity to support AZICKIA and ILA by donating to the project via our two websites. We are committed to using these donations in accordance with our mission and social purpose, to increase our financial support to selected social impact projects and to continue to produce quality editorial content and remunerate all our contributors.

fundamental principles and rule of ethics

Core principles

Political neutrality and independence

AZICKIA affirms its political neutrality. We ensure that the strict application of our mission is carried out in compliance with the legal and regulatory provisions in force.

Respect for human rights

AZICKIA’s mission is to work for the common good, for the dissemination of culture and information and for the reduction of inequalities in the world. It places respect for the environment and the human being at the heart of its values and actions.

AZICKIA carries out all its activities by treating everyone equally, denounces any form of discrimination and is committed to the respect of Human Rights in the sense of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Within the framework of our magazine ILA and the sharing of information, we can highlight initiatives with a social impact, in France and in the world, without necessarily adhering to all the opinions and actions implemented by them. In line with its values, it is and will remain in AZICKIA’s DNA to fight against all forms of discrimination and to promote equality for all.

Management and fundraising

AZICKIA commits to its donors and to the public to:

  • Use the funds at AZICKIA’s disposal and those collected through public appeals in a sound and rigorous manner
  • To allocate the proceeds of the public’s generosity in accordance with the donor’s wishes
  • Communicate transparently on the use of funds
  • To allocate the funds raised in a prudent and efficient manner, in strict accordance with the object and missions of the fund
Collection of data and respect of privacy

AZICKIA is committed to respecting the legislative and regulatory provisions concerning the protection of personal data.

In particular, it will respect any request to unsubscribe from contact files. AZICKIA guarantees that it will never transmit its subscribers’ and/or donors’ file to third parties, whether free of charge or for payment.

Transparency & duty to inform

AZICKIA will make available to the public all the usual accounting information as well as an updated activity report at least on an annual basis. The accounts shall be certified by an auditor in accordance with the relevant legal and regulatory requirements.

AZICKIA agrees to be accountable for its activities in a transparent manner to any legitimate authority.

Application of the code of ethics

Donors, contributors and partners of AZICKIA and ILA Magazine commit to be in agreement with the values, fundamental principles and ethical rules set out above.

They also undertake to respect them in their relations with AZICKIA and ILA.