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Our mission

The mission of our social impact fund is to encourage greater tolerance and openness to the world, and to support access to better living conditions and opportunities for all.

How ?

By providing financial support to projects with a strong social impact in France and around the world, and through the publication of our magazine ILA.

Each year, we support non-profit projects focusing on three main themes: health, education and gender equality.

ILA Magazine is our non-profit magazine, founded on the principles of slow journalism. We have designed it to cover a wide range of social and societal issues through long form stories, and to play a complementary role to Azickia’s project funding.

You can also support our magazine directly on its dedicated website.


To support us and donate to Azickia, simply use the form below!

What type of projects does Azickia support?

  • We launch annual calls for projects to support projects with a strong social impact:
  • ^Human scale
  • ^Not for profit
  • ^Working on one of these three major issues: access to good health, education and gender equality
  • ^With human beings, empowerment and improving the quality and conditions of life for everyone at the heart of their mission.

What is my donation used for?

  • Via the French helloasso platform, your donations go directly to our social impact fund, a not-for-profit organisation.

  • Each donation contributes to the development of our impact fund, and above all, to increasing the amounts we allocate each year to the projects we select via our calls for projects, in France and around the world.  

Thank you so much for your support !

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