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Women Safe & Children

For women and children victims of violence

Location of impact : France
Grant : 5000€
Project supported in 2023-2024

Women Safe & Children’s mission can be broken down into 4 key areas:

1) TO WELCOME, TAKE CHARGE OF, CARE FOR AND SUPPORT women and minors who are victims of all forms of violence, FREE OF CHARGE.

Whatever the nature of the violence and wherever it occurred, we deploy a multidisciplinary team of around one hundred professionals trained in psychotraumatology and victimology. Whether on an individual or group basis, our services are tailored to the needs of our patients.

2) TRAINING to identify violence, understand its mechanisms and its psychotraumatic consequences.

To be able to take action against violence, we must first understand its mechanisms. From schools to the corporate world, the Women Safe & Children Institute offers a wide range of training courses so that as many people as possible can benefit from its multidisciplinary expertise in psychotraumatology and victimology. 

3) Taking action at the heart of local communities

Today, 50% of feminicides continue to take place in rural areas, where only 30% of the population live.

Rural areas have special characteristics that hamper prevention, detection, intervention and care.

The Women Safe & Children Institute is pursuing its policy of expanding into priority and rural areas by opening new branches.

4) INFORMING through communication, the press and events

The Women Safe & Children Institute is committed to meeting the challenges of preventing violence. The Institute regularly organises symposia and other large-scale communication campaigns to change the course of events and raise awareness among thousands of people across the country.

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the organisation carrying the project

The Women Safe & Children Institute is a pioneering organisation in France providing FREE, multidisciplinary support for women and minors who are victims of violence. Women Safe & Children works with victims wherever the violence occurs: in the family, at work or in public.

For nearly ten years, Women Safe & Children has been bringing together the world of healthcare to work hand in hand with the world of justice. In 2014, this pioneering initiative represented a huge step forward for women who are victims of violence. 

The fate of child victims must no longer be conditioned by the reproduction of violence

Since 2017, minors have also benefited from free multidisciplinary care. Children’s Social Welfare quickly identified Women Safe & Children as a key player in the medico-psycho-socio-legal care of minors.

key figures

  • Pioneering initiative in France since 2014
  • 903 female and underage victims cared for by 2022
  • More than 3,000 people trained